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People & HR Analytics Solutions
Building the anatomy of success

AI enabled platform that analyses and compares the
behaviours of model employees to the rest of an organisation

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Our Mission

Building the anatomy of success to positively impact employees, customers and organisations

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    Improve productivity across sales, revenue, efficiency and effectiveness

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    Improve employee experience, engagement and well-being

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    Mitigate employee risk across turnover, absenteeism and safety


Optimise employee performance, experience and risk

Hidden costs

The misalignment between culture and people is expensive ($38.3M)

$38.3MOrganisations Cost
  • Turnover and replacement cost


    Turnover rate of 30%. Replacement cost is 50-200% of salary

  • Productivity loss


    Dis-engaged employees lose almost 1 day a week of productivity

  • Insights delivery cost


    Requires 2.1 FTE over 3 years (data scientists, engineers, HR)

Gender Female
Team Sales
In-office 83%
Tenure 3.5 years
Turnover risk 72%
Employee lifetime value $2.3m
Meetings 34%
Written comms 23%
Innovation 64%
Hierarchical 2%
Culturate - Diagram
  • Checklist Gender: FemaleGender: Female
  • Checklist Team: SalesTeam: Sales
  • Checklist In-office: 83%In-office: 83%
  • Checklist Tenure: 3.5 yearsTenure: 3.5 years
  • Checklist Turnover risk: 72%Turnover risk: 72%
  • Checklist Employee lifetime value: $2.3mEmployee lifetime value: $2.3m
  • Checklist Meetings: 34%Meetings: 34%
  • Checklist Written comms: 23%Written comms: 23%
  • Checklist Innovation: 64%Innovation: 64%
  • Checklist Hierarchical: 2%Hierarchical: 2%

Data analysis on aggregated employee data.
No sensitive data

Organisation benefits

Shifting an organisation towards model employee like behaviours can lead to benefits of $1.9M

  • Checklist 1 Turnover cost improvement of 5%
  • Checklist 1Productivity improvement of 2.5%
  • Checklist 1Savings from buy vs. build
  • Checklist 1Total benefit
Culturate use case

Use Culturate to identify drivers of culture misalignment, leading to increase turnover cost

  • Challenge


    • Checklist Company with 1,000+ employees had employee turnover increase from 15% to 25% over the last 12 months
    • ChecklistCould not quantify the drivers or the cost impact
    • ChecklistCould not justify investment and effort required to spend on remediation
  • Solution


    • Checklist Culturate ingests data from data sources including HR, finance, communication, and productivity systems
    • ChecklistCulturate automatically analyses this data and delivers a Culturating score and the drivers of change in score over time
  • Recommendation


    • Checklist Biggest drivers were misalignment between the product and sales team, increase in time taken to promotion, and increased time spent in meetings
    • Checklist By addressing these issues, management was able to increase the Culturating score and ultimately reduce turnover

Frequently Asked Questions

  • HR & people analytics is the use of data and statistical analysis to inform and make decisions about people in the workforce. This is often across the employee lifecycle including recruitment, performance management, employee engagement and retention.

    By collecting and analysing data on employee behaviour and outcomes, organisations can gain insights into what works well and where improvements can be made. This can also help organisations improve the employee experience and ultimately drive better business performance.