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Integrating data from all teams
such as HR, finance, sales,
operations, and product.

Connect with a wide range of systems via API or flatfiles

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How we do it

AI enabled platform

Analyses and compares the behaviours of model employees to the rest of an organisation

  • Foundation


    Connect all data into one system to automate reporting

  • Measure


    Measure an organisation's Culturating and identify improvements

  • Predict


    Predict future employee risk and identify productivity opportunities

  • BambooHRBambooHR
  • Employment HeroEmployment Hero
  • EnboarderEnboarder
  • LiveHireLiveHire
  • XeroXero
  • Access MicropayAccess Micropay
  • Office 365Office 365
  • GoogleGoogle
  • SlackSlack
  • AtlassianAtlassian
  • GithubGithub
  • SalesforceSalesforce

Connect all your disparate data sources either via API
or flatfiles

  • Checklist Human resource systems (HRIS, ATS, Payroll)Human resource systems (HRIS, ATS, Payroll)
  • Checklist Business communication tools (Calendar, Email)Business communication tools (Calendar, Email)
  • Checklist Productivity tools (CRM, Ticketing)Productivity tools (CRM, Ticketing)
  • Checklist Financial systemsFinancial systems
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Data driven

Data science and artificial intelligence driven analysis

  • Turnover rate (%)
  • Turnover cost ($)
  • Drivers of turnover
  • Benefit improvement ($)
Metrics All personal data is anonymised and aggregated
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Automate all critical HR reporting

HR Overview
Employee turnover over time

Deep-dive into each metric to understand trends
over time and by employee groups

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Track an organisation's Culturating

Culturating over time

Analyse and compare the behaviours between model employees and the rest of and organisation over time


Quantify the contribution of each driver of turnover

Deep-dive into each driver to understand the biggest contributor to turnover cost

Turnover contribution
Data Governance
By Design

World-class data ethics and governance

  • Checklist Privacy by designPrivacy by design
  • Checklist Security by designSecurity by design
  • Checklist Positive impact by designPositive impact by design