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Employee Experience

Understand the drivers of and improve the employee experience

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How we do it

AI enabled

Analyse signals and behaviours indicative of employee experience

  • Absenteeism


    Identify the key drivers of absenteeism

  • Cost


    Quantify the cost of absenteeism

  • Burnout


    Understand where in the business there is risk of burnout

What is an employee experience software?

Employee experience software, also known as employee experience analytics or employee experience measurement software, is a type of HR technology that helps organisations understand and improve the employee experience.

This software is designed to collect and analyse data on various aspects of the employee life-cycle, such as engagement, satisfaction, well-being, performance and more.

By using employee experience analytics, organisations can identify areas of improvement as well as design and implement interventions to improve employee experience, retention and drive better business results.

Why should companies use an employee experience management software?

Using employee experience management software can benefit an organisation significantly.

Employee Experience
  • Checklist [object Object]Gather valuable employee data

    Employee experience measurement software allows organisations to gather employee data through various methodologies. These include passively collected behaviours, surveys, polls, feedback forms and interviews. This data can identify drivers of employee behaviours, engagement, satisfaction and well-being. Management can then design targeted interventions to improve the employee experience.

  • Checklist [object Object]Drive better business outcomes

    By improving the employee experience, companies can increase employee retention and performance, which ultimately drives better business results.

  • Checklist [object Object]Real-time feedback and reporting

    An employee experience analytics software can provide real-time feedback and reporting, which enables leaders to track employee experience, engagement and well-being and quickly address any issues that arise

  • Checklist [object Object]Continuous Improvement

    Employee experience measurement software allows organisations to measure the effectiveness of their interventions and continuously improve the employee experience

What are the key features to look for in employee experience analytics software?

When looking for employee experience analytics software, there are several key features that organisations should consider:

DE&I metrics data graph
  • Checklist [object Object]Active data collection

    The ability to collect employee surveys and feedback forms.

  • Checklist [object Object]Passive data collection

    The ability to collect employee behaviour data that comes from HR systems (HRIS, ATS, payroll), communication systems (calendar, email and messaging), productivity tools (ticketing and CRM) and financial systems.

  • Checklist [object Object]Data analysis and visualisation

    The ability to analyse and visualise employee behaviour data, such as charts, graphs and tables.

  • Checklist [object Object]Predictive algorithms

    Leverages advanced data science and artificial intelligence.

  • Checklist [object Object]Real-time feedback and reporting

    Leaders can track employee satisfaction, engagement and well-being and quickly address any issues that arise.

  • Checklist [object Object]Compliance and data governance

    The employee experience measurement software should allow organisations to maintain compliance with data protection laws and privacy regulations and provide a proper data governance process.

  • Checklist [object Object]Integration

    The software should be able to integrate with a wide range of platforms to collect data.

What makes Culturate stand out?

Culturate has a range of features that allows organisations to realise the benefits of employee experience analytics.

  • Checklist [object Object]Pre-prepared reports

    Analysis of the most valuable commercial use cases based on industry experience and feedback.

  • Checklist [object Object]Intuitive dashboard

    Our software presents the data in a user-friendly interface.

  • Checklist [object Object]Integrations

    A broad range of systems across HR (HRIS, ATS, payroll), communication (calendar, messaging, emails), productivity (CRM, ticketing) and financial data can be captured.

  • Checklist [object Object]Artificial intelligence

    Leverages advanced data science and predictive algorithms to identify and predict employee turnover.

  • Checklist [object Object]Security by design

    ISO 27001 certified which is industry best practise.

  • Checklist [object Object]Privacy by design

    Has employee privacy at the core of its design so that personal data is anonymised and analysis is aggregated.

How much does employee experience management software cost?

The cost of employee experience measurement software can vary depending on your company's size and the features you may require.

You can contact us today to get a detailed quote or request a demo. Additionally, you can also try out Culturate's ROI calculator to see how our employee experience software can be beneficial for your business.

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